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I recently returned from the trip of a lifetime in Sumatra, an island in Indonesia.  I was an active participant in a Photographers Without Borders workshop where I could give back by capturing the effect Palm Oil plantations have had on the people, wildlife, and environment in this amazing part of our world.  This is the only place on earth where the Sumatran orangutan, rhino, elephant, and tiger all co-exist.  (In fact, is the only place left on our plant with wild Sumatran orangutan at all!)  

Photos from my trip:  Sumatra Gallery.  

If you would like to help me on my mission to purchase some of the rainforest left there for preservation please visit my fundraising page here:
Christy's Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary.  

A portion of proceeds from each print product purchased goes directly to save the rainforest! New print gallery coming soon!